Tip 5: sleeping well

Nothing is worse than getting no sleep all night because you're freezing in your sleeping bag. Here are a few things that will help you get a better night sleep, and leave you with more energy for your day. Invest in a good sleeping bag, one that will keep you warm. Go to bed in socks and a hat, to conserve your body heat. Do some jumping jacks or high knees before getting in your sleeping bag. Getting your heart rate up will make your sleeping bag warmer. Drinking a warm drink before bed will also help. Use two sleeping pads. Use one uninflated one underneath your blown up one to maximize warmth.  When you're setting up your tent be sure not to set up under a tree. Even hours after it stops raining you will have raindrops falling on your tent. That being said, make sure you have a rain fly on your tent and be sure to secure your tent on the ground with stakes in case the wind and rain pick up during the night. Also when setting up your tent, think about having the opening facing where the sun will rise. this will make it much easier to crawl out of your warm sleeping bag to start your day.