Abiqua falls


this is definitely an adventure. The road leading down tot he trail is very long, narrow, windy and very difficult to drive on. You can park up top and walk down the road to the trailhead, but that is a long walk. Once you reach the trailhead, there is a .8 mile hike to the falls. The trail is not that great though. You have to scramble down the side of a kind of cliff using a rope someone has set up. Then you sort of bush wack alongside a fast moving river to the falls. I know I haven't made this hike seem super great so far, but once you walk up to there falls inis really amazing. You can't really swim, but you definitely cool off. This hike is pretty crowded, but for this I din't think that is a bad thing, because that means you will be able to follow people to find your way there. It is pretty tricky.